Friday, February 9, 2007


Me: “I’ve thought about it”
You: “And?”
Me: “I am still here”
You: “For now”
Me: “Yes, for now”
You: “But you will leave one day”
Me: “Maybe, I don’t know”
You: “Lie to me!”
Me: “No”

You: “I’ve thought about it’
Me: “And?”
You: “You can stay”
Me: “For now”
You: “Yes, for now”
Me: “But you will tell me to leave one day”
You: “Maybe, I don’t know”

Me: “Good morning Love”
You: “Good Morning
Me: “Another day”
You: “A brand new one”
Me: “Let’s make the most of it”

You: “Good Night”
Me: “Sweet Dreams”
You: “See you in the morning”
Me: “Yes, I’ll be here”

Me: “Come with me”
You: “Where?”
Me: “Does it matter?”
You: “No, it doesn’t”

You: “I’ve thought about it”
Me: “And?”
You: “Go away!”
Me: “No”
You: “Come on, beat it”
Me: “No”
You: “Fuck off!”
Me: “No”

Me: “It will be hard”
You: “It is hard”
Me: “It will get harder sometimes”
You: “Yes, I know”
Me: “It will also be nice”
You: “It is nice”
Me: “It will get even nicer”
You: “Yes, I know”

You: “Stay”
You: “Come, closer”
You: “Hold me”
You: “Tighter”
You: “Don’t let go”
Me: “I won’t, I promise”

Herlock Sholmes


Hathor said...

De tous les blogs que t'as crée. je préfère l'original de "The Eternal Silence of Infinite spaces scares me"
avec les vrais & authentiques aventures de Herlock Sholmes.
As tu l'intention d'acheter "Blogger"??... avec tout les blogs sous les noms différents de "Kahuna Mattata", "Dubai Dating Chronicles", etc....

Pourquoi cet énigme? et pourquoi as tu arrête de 'bloguer' et surtout que ton style est bien captivant... Why did You stop to write?????????????

Hathor said...

I love this Duologue of yours anyways!!

Anonymous said...

Are you the original Herlock Sholmes? It seems all of your old posts were lost when you moved to the "new" Blogger template. Cheers from a long time reader who lost your URL eons ago and just found it again!

Anonymous said...

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~~Silk said...

Ok. I've waited. I've been patient. We all have been patient. Please stick your head in and let us know you're doing well.

N said...

reading this now... so much between the lines.

if only i'd known just how much