Sunday, January 21, 2007

To whom it may concern

  1. I miss knowing that you are probably thinking of me right now
  2. I miss knowing that you’re smiling because I am making you
  3. I miss seeing your name on my phone
  4. I miss counting the hours with you
  5. I miss telling you this and that and this again
  6. I miss your company
  7. I miss reaching out with my mind and touching yours
  8. I miss the promise of a meeting
  9. I miss knowing that we are doing well
  10. I miss you


N said...


tazzu said...

Very heartfelt. Hope she feels the same way.

Sex said...

What fuss and mush!

nano1120 said...

You make it so hard for me to break-up with my guy..

This missing thing really hurts..

Hathor said...

We miss u as well!!!