Friday, February 9, 2007


Me: “I’ve thought about it”
You: “And?”
Me: “I am still here”
You: “For now”
Me: “Yes, for now”
You: “But you will leave one day”
Me: “Maybe, I don’t know”
You: “Lie to me!”
Me: “No”

You: “I’ve thought about it’
Me: “And?”
You: “You can stay”
Me: “For now”
You: “Yes, for now”
Me: “But you will tell me to leave one day”
You: “Maybe, I don’t know”

Me: “Good morning Love”
You: “Good Morning
Me: “Another day”
You: “A brand new one”
Me: “Let’s make the most of it”

You: “Good Night”
Me: “Sweet Dreams”
You: “See you in the morning”
Me: “Yes, I’ll be here”

Me: “Come with me”
You: “Where?”
Me: “Does it matter?”
You: “No, it doesn’t”

You: “I’ve thought about it”
Me: “And?”
You: “Go away!”
Me: “No”
You: “Come on, beat it”
Me: “No”
You: “Fuck off!”
Me: “No”

Me: “It will be hard”
You: “It is hard”
Me: “It will get harder sometimes”
You: “Yes, I know”
Me: “It will also be nice”
You: “It is nice”
Me: “It will get even nicer”
You: “Yes, I know”

You: “Stay”
You: “Come, closer”
You: “Hold me”
You: “Tighter”
You: “Don’t let go”
Me: “I won’t, I promise”

Herlock Sholmes

Sunday, January 21, 2007

To whom it may concern

  1. I miss knowing that you are probably thinking of me right now
  2. I miss knowing that you’re smiling because I am making you
  3. I miss seeing your name on my phone
  4. I miss counting the hours with you
  5. I miss telling you this and that and this again
  6. I miss your company
  7. I miss reaching out with my mind and touching yours
  8. I miss the promise of a meeting
  9. I miss knowing that we are doing well
  10. I miss you

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Haroun El Poussah!! I mean, Come On!

I am back. Yes, faithful readers, I am back.

After my trip to China, I came back with this long, long post about all the adventures I had there, only to find that my blog had been taken over by someone else. At that time I was busy at work, tired of blogging, so I decided to let it slide. I continued reading the blogs, rarely commenting but enjoying every last minute of them.

Then, to my horror, I discovered that I was being compared to this idiot. I started getting emails asking me if him and I were one and the same. It was insulting! How could my faithful readers, who’d been with me from the beginning, think that this farting asshole and me could be one and the same? I mean, come on!

That guy is nothing like me. For starters he is rude to women and disrespectful. I mean come on!!

So, anyhow I am back and I shall have some stories for you shortly. As soon as I sort out this new blogger template thing.

Until then, please stop asking me if I am Haroun, I have self dignity and pride and I don’t want to be associated with losers!

Herlock Sholmes

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Return of Herlock Sholmes

How could you guys think that this idiot is me?

Herlock Sholmes